Coming Up Soon…

The final conclusions in what appears to be a whole hell of a lot of sociology and critical analysis of a brilliantly documented series of events that could be but will not be interpreted as proof of Some Big Hope…

What this past year has proved is that, ultimately…we are small, we are scared, we are stuck. However we find our freedoms, we must put our hearts there. Please, know that my words were sincere as I have been a deep character actor for whole entire life…I know how to play a role…

I have proved to myself that the roles I play in my walking and talkingness do not honor me as a maker and the impetuous surrealist heart that is mine feels more love from the gaze of a statue that I met just three days ago than I feel from those who proclaim to love me and to know me…

In the end I freed only myself from the illusion that the way that is expected of you is not necessarily the way that was intended for you…by God or by the dreams we held as children…which, ultimately are the same thing.

I will be working on some conclusions regarding the implications – not of my subjective surrealist proof of an individual’s ability to train their eye to see beauty where others simply see boredom…

But, shouldn’t it be a little concerning to you all that a cry – sincere as it was being made – fell upon deaf ears again and again?

I am just a mother, an artist, a gardener. I pay attention and I don’t watch t.v.

I meant everything I said, except for the DISMANTLING THE MACHINE part…I mean, please – by all means, dismantle away…please, keep believing that something will lead to sense for all the people we forget…

In the final experiential installment of my surrealist spirituality inquiry, I denounced my name and family…because they don’t see me clearly. That remains true, but I am not denouncing anyone…just asking them to please understand that I absolutely will not make myself dull for them. Absolutely not. The world is full of opportunity for the clever and hopeful.

As for my own children, I think all the birds in my eyes reminded their father of the girl he once respected and admired…the girl who wanted to save the world…I think I only needed to save the world inside myself…

Thank you for putting up with this…the longest of rants. I think I will take a small break. However, this writing that so few read is the truest friend that I have and on paper and in thread my tiny little world can bloom.

If you all want to let me save the world, I’d love to…but only if I don’t really have to do much. I just want to finish stripping the paint from the trim and working on more banjo songs. Thanks so much.

If nothing else…tell the Nobel people that in no way should the Internet win a Peace Prize…

Have a beautiful afternoon and hope that people look up…not expecting to see God, but knowing they will see the sky.


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