Note to Family and Community Members…

It is increasingly upsetting to me that there seems to be a conscious determination that my artistic interpretation of a reality that seems increasingly callous, and the ways that toxic patterns of communication and mis-understanding within microcosmic relationships are reflective of broader patterns of dis-connection between entities of resource allocation and authority and the actual living breathing thinking feeling people those entities have established themselves as representatives of and authorities over…

This is not ‘abstract’ – it is simple…you are, when you choose to heartily discount a person’s vitality, sanity, and competence…with no clear and rational cause for actual concern…when you assume a position of authority over a group of people and manipulate relationships and semantics to suit your own peculiar intolerances and misguided pursuits of power…

Um, yeah…I think that is a little like FASCISM…read it and weep. True story.

In the meantime, I am making music with a person who brings out all my highest most clear and lonesome notes. We hope to have a rough draft of Song 1 completed by this evening. It is really wonderful to be able to find some small refuge in sound and the September afternoon pressing through the glass.

By the way, it is interesting that out of all that I write about hope and mindfulness…people seem only to read my frustration…and to read it not as the entirely natural reaction of an intelligent and sensitive person who is being denied basic rights of humanity without due cause…and yes, when you deny a mother access to unburdened time with her children, without clear due cause (not opinion, fact…not others assessments of me, fact…) – well, that is pretty much as inhumane as you can get without inflicting bodily harm…

So, please – consider the obvious…and rethink your agenda, consider ALL the possible outcomes and, please, be mindful of how you might feel if you were in my shoes…if you are still able to see past your own scripted high-drama where someone must fail…if you are still able to actually see people?

It is increasingly unwise to continue using children as manipulation tools to satisfy some strange pathology…

Thank goodness that I am finding a voice and some songs that sing me loud and clear…thank goodness for my oldest newest friends…

Is there really anything to say?

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