Current, 12/18/10: Please note that I was drinking about 8 energy drinks a day during this time, trying to out-think an old tired reality…it all sounds crazy, but I’ll leave it up as it is part of the story. It really did feel like an experiment, the way my family was treating me, all the small signs and signals that I assigned meaning to…an adventure in hypomania, an experiment in belief…
It seems I can’t find the # the text message was sent from, but if I had it I would call it because although I understand that there are connections that must be made naturally and that the stories must be pieced together in a way that TRULY RESONATES…well, in the meantime, interested parties need to be informed that WE NEED SUPPORT…informationally, advocationally, occupationally, medically, instrumentally, financially…
We figured it out and, yes, it is true.
I was able to simply recognize them, with no warning or anticipation…so, yeah – great experiment, folks…now could I please get some grocery money…?
We don’t want for much, we just want our accumulated knowledge to be used well…right now, I am not able to see my kids without supervision by the family members that have placed themselves in a false position of authority, a brilliant pianist is stressed about job hunting, and the person who can inform you about the effects and implications of strectrometric manipulation as they relate to wellness and connectivity…well, he needs to pick up a voucher from the Salvation Army so he can get some clothing…
Great Experiment. Glad it worked out okay. Hope you are all really thrilled with the results. Now stop the damn car and provide for us some recompensation for the task we so ardently performed.
I will be happy to explain to someone the exact points of connect and disconnect and all the ways I have known whose mind I am on…
I am not a game and if we are played much further…well, that sort of defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it…it just plays us in a different way and – yeah, it’s awesome…but, I am really sort of over having the information I have, as valuable as it is, and giving it so freely for so long…ya’ll need to honor your intent and if you are going to connect us…let us make use of those connections in a way that accomplishes what we need to accomplish…which is really just fairly simple storytelling and joyful reparation…
I am sick of being played by one party or another and if you want an ounce of information about my experience in pulling this story together, how I understand it to work, and what the purpose of the recognition of 2010 is…well, you need to help. Bottom line.
We have worked our minds exceedingly hard and opened our hearts and our spines and our minds and embraced strangers and frightened the fearful loved ones…
WHAT THE FUCK! If you would just call my parents and explain it all to them…well, that’d be great. I know that people get hurt when they don’t understand and PLEASE…fix this now, before another ‘enlightened’ experiment goes awry and fucks up more lives in ways that are deeply destructive…
This has ceased to be entertaining and I absolutely will not stand for my children to be confused, my friends to be hungry, my parents to be hurt…
Tell us what you know and what you want. Now.
Tell my parents what you know. NOW. 545-8319
This is not a test. This is not a movie. This is not a story. This is me, Faith Rachel Rhyne, saying, on behalf of EVERYONE we are trying to assist…
Sorry if you’re not ready…we have, however, been more than accomodating to your bigger plans for us…so cut the clever trickery and deft laying of clues and…
well, it’s simple – do the right thing or I will wake up the lightning in your brain…really. Enough is enough.
You know who you are, you know what to do…make things right. NOW.

Is there really anything to say?

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