paypal: I wouldn’t ask, except I only have about 6 bucks left…not from friends or family…from folks who…

…should’ve helped me earlier…I had to figure it out myself, and now…proof…God…HAARP…Chemtrails…

…Biological Seeding of the Electric Sky…

…a bee, a dove, a triangle, a rose, a fetus, a vertebrae…

…by any other name…this place is full of ’em…

Heavy, huh?

Yup. Folks sure have put an awful lot of time into ‘conspiracizing’ this sort of thing.

Nonetheless, the replication of atypical cloud patterns
and the persistent formation of elemental structures
of geo-trigonometry

…requires some explanation…lots, actually. Like what, exactly, is geo-trigonometry? I dunno.

I’m a college educated high school dropout. I like to make up words for the things that don’t seem to have words to explain them…like babies in the sky. Does that make me a neologist? Probably.

Does that make me the girl who can find our evolutionary and social history in the clouds over her house? Definitely.

We are not talking about a single 7-minute video…we are talking about THOUSANDS OF PICTURES TAKEN OVER A SEVERAL MONTH PERIOD, by an amateur photographer with atypical neurology…

By the way, on a personal note: all grievances will be dismissed if you grant me the simple respect and tolerance that we all should be granted, regardless of whether or not we like one another…tell the kids I am smart and creative and that sometimes even the best mothers get lost in meta-synthesis, especially if they feel like maybe the work they are doing might one day help to solve some of the problems that are passed from hand to hand, in family and in time.

I am not punitive or litigious, simply tired of telling a calm simple truth and having it be made into psychiatric scandal or laughable folly. There is nothing laughable about atmospheric experimentation…nothing at all. I deserve respect and you will be held in simple contempt if I do not get it. True story.

Is there really anything to say?

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